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stay wild

At wild acre, we believe in using wildly clean ingredients to craft quality products for your dog. Our products are rooted in nature so you can feel confident you're giving your pet the best.

goat milk Gold -7oz

Goat milk Gold is a complete protein (containing all essential amino acids) and is formulated with high quality European goat milk and nutritional yeast to provide digestive comfort, immune support, electrolytes, B-vitamins, and fiber.

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beef bone broth- 7oz

Wild Acre's Beef Bone Broth with Mighty Mushrooms is a human-grade supplement for dogs to promote strength, vitality, and immunity. Safe for cats, too.


premium pumpkin - 8.1oz

Premium pumpkin is designed to support your dog's digestive health. This powdered supplement is an incredible source of fiber, prebiotics and vitamins to support a healthy gut and immunity.

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paw balm +

Designed to protect sensitive paw pads, paw balm+ creates an invisible barrier against harsh conditions caused by extreme heat, snow, ice, rough terrain and more. Our paw balm offers fast-acting relief to heal and soothe dry, cracked or chapped paws, fast!





Been giving this to my senior (13 year old) Mastiff-Boxer every morning since purchasing. I can tell she clearly loves it given the “happy” bowl she licks clean!

Aaron k.

My dog loves this pumpkin supplement! His stool has never been better and he loves it frozen in treats as well!!! Highly recommend!

Amazon customer

My dogs love this supplement! They get even more excited for feeding time! It definitely has helped with my boys upset stomach. And both of their stools look great! We definitely recommend!

Gregory v.